Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's a Good Life

Well, Vicki finally gets to Ryan's bedside and he croaks. RIP, little butt monkey. I wonder who's going to take up the thankless part of butt monkey now. Anyway, this is the post where I retired my Ryan tag.

Judd meanwhile is still with the biker, whose name is Pete. Pete keeps thrashing about, moaning about his girlfriend, which again means that while he's said The Prayer, Pete is clearly not a good RTC: if he was, he would just say, "It's good that you did that, Zod. It's real good" and accept that his girlfriend is in Hell. Pete decides to walk away from Judd but Judd follows him.

Meanwhile, Vicki is crying over Ryan's death and we get some more distinction between raptured and dead though really there isn't a difference. Gone is gone, after all. Just in this case, Vicki has a body to bury. Basically there are so many bodies that they've started burning them and Vicki doesn't want that to happen to Ryan, so she and Charlie sneak him out of the hospital so they can bury him.

Judd and Pete make it back to Pete's destroyed house, unearth Pete's girlfriend from the rubble, and Pete gives her a proper burial. Again, there's no mention that this girlfriend whom he loved so much, is in Hell, even though Pete himself said that he didn't think she knew about God. :headdesk: These characters are either sociopathic, stupid, or both.

Anyway, Vicki buries Ryan, gives Charlie a bible, and that's the end of that chapter.

Next chapter, we catch up with Lionel as he trains to become the GC equivalent of Hitler's Youth and I have a feeling, like Evil Paul, that for all Lionel's talk about how he supports Carpathia, he'll regain his memory before he does anything really bad. But that hasn't happened yet.

Judd decides to go back and see if Marlene has accepted Christ and Pete goes with him.

Vicki is reunited with Darrion and Shelly. Darrion's mother is dead, but like a good RTC, she doesn't care. But then again, she has to think happy thoughts and say happy things, lest she make Mister God real angry.

Judd gets access to a computer and starts looking up names of the YTF and the TF. Apparently St. Rayford's wife, Amanda, is dead. Oh Amanda Steele, we hardly knew ye. No seriously, we hardly knew her. Did she have any defining personality traits beyond worshipping the ground Rayford and Irene walked on?

Okay, I'm doing a third chapter. I'll stop doing three-piece snarks eventually, I swear.

Pete and Judd realize they have a mark on the forehead in the shape of a cross. After a quick jaunt to Token Jew's website, they realize they have the seal of God on their foreheads. They briefly mention Revelation, chapter 7, and I go to look up said chapter. Basically it talks about the 144,000 witnesses and only briefly mentions anything about seals or marks. Tell me, how badly do you have to torture scripture for Ellanjay's interpretation to make sense? Oh and Marlene converted.

Mr. Stein shows up again and right now, he's my favourite character. I know eventually he'll convert because all the damned are off-screen, but right now, I like him because he cares about people beyond his little inner circle. Basically he came looking for the YTF, because he promised Chaya he would make sure that they were okay. He resists Vicki's attempts to convert him though.

Judd talks with one of his converts, a boy named Pavel, who mentions that apparently Carpathia raised Leon Fortunado from the grave. Y'know I hate to be contrary (no I don't) but the anti-christ is acting more Christ-like than the actual Christ.

And that's it for this week. I thought about throwing in another chapter, but next week is Carpathia's post-earthquake speech and it's long.


Firedrake said...

ISTR that if you get raptured as opposed to any of the other ways to die you get a first-class afterlife ticket. Doesn't make any difference to the people who are still alive, mind.

A better writer - yeah, I know - might make something of Pete trying really hard not to think about Girlfriend being in Hell, because if he does he'll break down.

Mouse said...

If you're wondering, Pete doesn't think of his girlfriend after she's buried, so apparently he becomes a good RTC and bows to Judd's wishes.

rikalous said...

So why, exactly, is it so important Ryan be buried instead of burned? I mean, it's not like they have the resources to perform any more solemn a ceremony if they're going to bury him.

I'm not sure if Ryan being whacked is an example of him being screwed over or not. On the one hand, he's with Zod rather than being beaten up by unsaved, but on the other hand, he's with Zod...

aunursa said...

If you're wondering, Pete doesn't think of his girlfriend after she's buried

That would put him in the same company as Leah Rose, Ming Toy, Hannah Palemoon, and Hattie Durham -- none of whom considers that her loved ones are burning in hell for all eternity.

Apocalypse Review said...

In reading these descriptions of the activities of the YTF, one is struck by the fact that they seem to almost be authorial automatons - that is, they seem to simply be placeholders for what the author has decided real-world RTC teenagers should act like.

Apparently, they should be utterly focussed only on Zod (God) and if someone dies unsaved, that person should be forgotten about completely.

Firedrake said...

rikalous, insistence on very specific funeral customs seems to be a way some churches get to "win" by asserting control over bereaved relatives. (I know that some Catholics consider cremation a Really Bad Idea at a subconscious level, even if they aren't quite prepared to believe in a literal resurrection of the body, and priests certainly encourage this.)

ApocalypseReview, it's one of the classic signs of bad writing that characters act as the plot requires them to rather than as their personalities prompt. (If they even have personalities.)

Apocalypse Review said...

That said, I should say that Vicki, in mourning Ryan, is being pretty human here and not an automaton.

Apocalypse Review said...
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Anonymous said...

*facepalms* Sorry guys, I thought this thing rejected my comment the first time. Mouse, please delete as appropriate?


Ruby said...

Yeah, the "Vicki doesn't want the body burned" thing struck me as odd, too. Is it that the GC are burning the bodies in a big pit or something, or just that cremation squicks her out?

This part just makes me feel even sorrier for Ryan's parents. And as much as I feel bad for Ryan, being the butt monkey and all, he's a real jerk. His parents are being slow-roasted, but all he cares about is his "new family"? Pretty ungrateful to parents who clearly adored him.