Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Little Sociopaths

I know I say this a lot but these characters are sociopathic to the extreme. I know I need to stop being shocked by this or else I'll never make it through the series, but I can't help it. Every time I read these books I am reminded that these are supposed to be the role models for young Christians everywhere. Darrion, Shelly, and Vicki are sitting around talking about food when really at a time like this, they should be grateful to be alive, never mind what they're eating, when the discussion turns to Shelly's mom.

"Did your mom ever...I mean, was she..." Darrion stammered.
"Was she a Christian?" Shelly said.
"If you don't want to talk about it, I understand," Darrion said.
"It's OK," Shelly said. "Vicki knows I tried to talk to her. Sometimes she'd listen,
but most of the time she'd get mad.

And that mother who made that wonderful apple pie from scratch you were mentioning earlier, is roasting in Hell for all eternity, a fact which doesn't even register with any of the characters.

But that's a reoccuring theme in these books: horrific things happen but the heroes just chuckle about it. Don't believe me? Then read this conversation they have about Mrs. Jenness

"When we were on the bridge, it was like she was a little kid," Vicki said. "She froze. Couldn't move. Then we were in the water and I got out. But I felt guilty about leaving her."
"You can't force people to do what they need to do," Shelly said.
"The look on her face will haunt me forever," Vicki said.
"You know what I think?" Darrion said. "I think we ought to be thankful for the miracle that you're alive. You could have gone down with her."

Wow...Just wow...There's no compassion here, none whatsoever. I wish I could beat these characters with a hammer. I really don't know what else to say but that.

Judd meanwhile is at a dam dealing with the strangers who confronted him. Basically they want his bike and his stuff. Judd gives them food but refuses to hand over his bike. Basically Ellanjay try to build a little suspense by mentioning the middle of the dam is collapsed forcing Judd to have to jump it to the other side, but it doesn't work because Judd is basically a mini-Rayford as many commentators have put it. Therefore there really isn't any doubt over whether he'll make the jump or not.

Lionel, meanwhile, has decided to join the GC and is paired with Conrad and given a gun.

Ryan is on his deathbed yet is still trying to convert the nurse and I still can't help but feel that if he has that much energy, he can't really be at death's door. People on their deathbed are usually too preoccupied with dying to do much else.

Finally someone comes along and rescues Mr. Stein. But Chaya is dead and Mr. Stein demonstrates that he's a hardened reprobate in need of saving by having a human reaction to her death. He actually cries, the nerve of that man.

Next chapter is a one page epilogue. I would do another chapter to make this snark longer, but I don't have the next book yet, so I'm afraid this week's snark will be a short one. Basically all that happens in the epilogue is Judd makes the jump and survives, though he lands in the water, which I totally saw coming because as said before, he's a mini-Rayford. Nothing bad ever really happens to him due to divine writ of Ellanjay protection.

And that's it for this week. Sorry for the abbreviated snark.


Firedrake said...

Hmmmm. They're carefully not talking or thinking about the horrors that their new Bestest Friend has brought to everyone, including them...

RTCianity = Stockholm Syndrome?

Mouse said...

I'm starting to think Zod in this series is Anthony from The Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life." That's basically what the characters are doing, going "Yeah God, it's good that you did that. Real good."

aunursa said...

"You know what I think?" Darrion said. "I think we ought to be thankful for the miracle that you're alive. You could have gone down with her."

Vicki could have gone down with Mrs. Jenness, in which case Vicki would be in heaven while Mrs. Jenness would be in no worse shape than what happened.


Vicki could have saved Mrs. Jenness, in which case they would have additional time to convince her to SEE THE LIGHT. In which case Mrs. Jenness would be no worse off than what happened.

Either way, there's no downside had Vicki put her own life at risk by attempting to save her principal.

The psychopathy displayed by what are supposed to be sympathetic characters is breathtaking.

Xuebi said...

I've finally caught up with your posts, and well done for putting up with them so far. Having had the unfortunate oppertunity to read the first few adult Left Behind books, it is clear the bad writing and bad theology continue unchecked.

The fact that the characters in these books are supposed to serve as role models to a whole new generation of young Christians is deeply disturbing. There is no compassion, or indeed any real human emotion displayed by the characters. What's that going to teach the readers? Save souls by being sociopathic monsters with no regard for anyone's feelings but your own.

And now I'm hearing "My Little Sociopaths" to the tune of "My Little Pony".

Apocalypse Review said...

Good Lord. (O_O) Sociopaths is right. At the very least, they've been written as uncaring about anything except being good little RTCs.

Ben Fenton said...

I admire the resolve it must take to get through those books. I have a hard time dealing with adult indoctrination, but that child abuse stuff really gets to me. Keep up the great work.

Evil Paul said...

"Lionel, meanwhile, has decided to join the GC and is paired with Conrad and given a gun."

So Lionel, who is supposed to be saved, has turned against the people of Zod because he has amnesia.... There's potential here for some depth: If you're saved but you forget about it, are you still saved? If your new (amnesiac) incarnation serves the anti-christ/takes the mark/blasphemes/whatever, does it all get undone if you regain your memory? What about the people you hurt? What about the real life consequences?...

...What are the odds that Lionel will regain his memory thanks to an author-induced contrivance before he has a chance to do anything REALLY bad?

Anonymous said...

"My Little Sociopaths"...

Mouse, I'm a Brony. And that title brought up some REAL bad imagery of some really awful fanfics. Like the "Cupcakes"-type of Grimdarks where the whole idea is to have Ponies do Unspeakably Vile things to each other.