Sunday, May 29, 2011

Current Status: Comatose

For the love of Jehovah, this book is criminally boring.

Okay so the goons make the phone call, but Ryan, when given the call, shouts Darrion's name. This worries the goons for some reason but Ryan gets out of this situation unscathed.

Apparently Darrion Stahley is the daughter of the Global Community's Chief of Security so Judd and Vicki decide to go to the Stahley mansion only to be confronted by a bunch of dogs.

Next chapter, Ryan and Darrion continue to discuss religion. As always, it's Darrion who keep making all the good points despite Ellanjay's attempts to quash her spirit.

"If this God you talk about can do all those miracles why can't he get us out of here?" she said angrily.
"He can," Ryan said. "He can do anything he wants. Heal the sick. Raise the dead. Sometimes he lets poeple go through stuff like this."

Can we say "Cop-out," boys and girls? Again, Ellanjay can't answer the reason for human suffering except to say that "He beats me but I know he loves me anyway."

Anyway, Darrion and Ryan bust out and meanwhile, back to Judd and Vicki. They meet with Mr. Stahley and find out the reason for Darrion's abduction. It was done by someone within the NWO who was punishing Mr. Stahley for objecting to Nicky Knuckles's plans to strategically bomb Montreal, Toronto, Dallas, Mexico City, Washington D.C., New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago.

And that's it for these two chapters. Sorry again, for poor quality of snark. I would have thrown in a third chapter, but apparently a lot goes down in that one.


The Old Maid said...

Hmm. Darrion's father objected to Carpathia's plans? How many people know about these plans? The adult version of the books give the impression that Carpathia only told Rayford and Buck ("Hey, you might not want to be in certain places tomorrow"). Most people didn't get out of the way in the film "Deep Impact" either, but they ran anyway.

Firedrake said...

Darrion Stahley = no rad hairstyle = errant holidays

The GC Security Chief can't turn out the goon squads to turn the town upside down looking for his missing daughter? Ah, I guess being an Evil Librul he's bound by that un-Christian "due process" stuff...

Bombing nine cities - hang on, is this the false-flag "see how bad these terrists are" op? Because it's kind of huge.

hidden_urchin said...

Meta-Darrion is taking pointers from Meta-Chloe and Meta-Hattie when she's not in a scene. She just has a lot more success slipping things in when the author isn't looking.

Evil Paul said...

So let me get this straight. The Global Community, which apparently doesn't hesitate in the decision to nuke NINE North American cities, deals with a rebellious security chief sending Beavis and Butthead to kidnap his kid. And another kid for no apparent reason.

hidden_urchin said...

Well, this is the same organization that sent flowers and candy anonymously to Chloe Steele in an attempt to intimidate Captain Rayford "Fully Loaded" Steele into taking the job as pilot of GC One. I think "good" triumphs in this series only because "evil" is so terribly incompetent.*

*YMMV as to who is good and who is evil.