Sunday, June 5, 2011

Those War-mongering Anti-war Activists

So Judd, Vicki, and Mr. Stahley are off in pursuit of Darrion, when they notice they're being followed by NWO goons. Judd suggests that they let the goons lead them to where Ryan and Darrion are and that's the end of that part.

Meanwhile Ryan and Darrion are hiding out from the goons and we get a brief Home Alone-style pratfall when one of the goons slips on some candy mixture that Ryan had put out to stop them. I've got to wonder just what kind of candy is that slick, but criticizing small details like that is like criticizing the paint job on the Titanic: there's so much wrong to deal with.

Ryan and Darrion escape the goons and :sigh: here comes Darrion's inevitable conversion. As much as y'all hoped it wouldn't happen because conversion for female characters in Ellanjay land equals losing compassion and brains, but only off-screen characters, aka characters besides the anti-christ and his goons, go to Hell.

"I need to tell you something," Darrion said. "I've made my decision."
Ryan sat up straight. "What do you mean?"
"You know," she said, "about God and everything. What you said makes a lot of sense. I think he did send you to tell me the truth. I'm ready."

Oh and did I mention the bombing just began? I know it's impossible to tell from that conversation but it did. Most sane people would be going "Oh shit!" Or even :gasp: :choke: worrying about their loved ones in a time like this, but Ryan and Darrion are above such paltry concerns.

Next chapter, Darrion and Ryan are recaptured. You'd think that the bombing would render the goons' concerns worthless but you're thinking wrong apparently. Don't worry though; Mr. Stahley shows up and they get away, yet again. Y'know this constant get captured/escape plot is getting really boring.

Anyway, they escape in time to watch a broadcast from Nicky Koryak, who blames the attack on the late Gerald Fitzhugh. Something tells me there should be an emphasis on late.

But anyway, Nicky naturally calls himself an anti-war activist and since there's nobody in the text who ever calls him on the whole "Man of Peace being a warmonger" bullshit, we're forced to conclude that Ellanjay thinks that all anti-war activists secretly hunger for war. Nicky also :gasp: :choke: asks that everyone work together for the common good. That's communism and we can't have that!

But Mr. Stahley, currently the smartest character in this story, is aware that his career with the NWO is over and he and his family had better escape before Nicky Kunlun decides to wrap up loose ends. But in the ensuing escape attempt, Mr. Stahley is shot, but don't worry, folks, he decides to have a conversion.

It's your standard prayer but once again, I have to comment on RTCs' tendency towards spellcasting. Remember in their world if you don't say The Prayer, you're screwed, but again, it has to be exactly the right words or the spell won't work. You can't just say, "O God save me!" And you certainly can't pray to Zod to call off the attack or spare those who haven't yet converted; what kind of satanic talk is that?


BabyRaptor said...

I'm of the opinion that, if God exists and he sent anything, it was these books to show people how little it takes to dupe people. Or how easily people can be turned into sheep.

BTW, I don't comment much, but I read. Thanks for slogging through this so we don't have to. <3

Firedrake said...

Um, if the goons are following you, why would they let you follow them back to their safe-house? I mean, how do you break contact with them and then re-establish it, even if they do happen to be going to the right place at the end of their shift?

And yet again it's a fire-insurance conversion (two of them, in fact). Hey, kids! If you're in fear for your life, your oaths are not binding!

I wonder whether L&J have been watching some of the less-inspired episodes of Doctor Who for their plot structures...

President Fitzhugh in the third movie is kinda cool (apart from the whole God thing). Largely because he's played by Lou Gossett Jr. Somehow I don't see L&J choosing to write a black president who's a good guy - or, probably, any black president at all.