Sunday, May 15, 2011

Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

I really have to apologize for the poor quality of snark in these chapters. We're starting a new book (#9) and there's a lot happening but none of it is really snarkable.

Okay, so the book begins with a cut to Ryan. After spending countless chapters as a background character following his conversion, he is now in the forefront. We get actually a fairly decent description of the chaos going on as he struggles to ride his bike away from the scene, when disaster strikes! His bike gets caught on the bumper of a van and he gets thrown in back where there's another kid, bound and gagged with duct tape.

If you're wondering the kid Ryan is being held with turns out to be a girl named Darrion Stahley. Darrion is a rich kid being held hostage presumably for her parents money which given what has happened, you've got to wonder if that even matters anymore. Wouldn't the disappearance of every child plus the nuking of several major cities have a major impact on the financial markets? At least they would in a well-written book.

If you're wondering what the rest of the YTF are doing right now: mostly they're just running around trying to figure out where Ryan is which would make sense given the chaos that would follow a disaster of this proportion, but it's rather boring to read about.

Okay, turn to the third chapter. About the same is going on. Ryan tries to bond with his fellow kidnappee only to discover she's into the NWO religion so needless to say his feeble attempts to convert her don't work. Oh and the remaining members of the YTF hang out with Loretta the church secretary and discuss Bruce.

That's all that happens. Once again, I apologize for the poor quality of snark. I now leave it all in your capable hands, fellow snarkers.


Firedrake said...

I'm sure someone will be getting rich in the aftermath of the disappearances. People always do.

Stahley: "So, your God tells you you should hang tough and wait for rescue, huh? Here's what I learned at Enigma Babylon school. [Scryfool] [Lockmaster] [Machine Possession]"

Loretta: "Yeah, Bruce was here about ten, twelve years. Guess how many times he made the tea for me?"

Evil Paul said...

You know, sticking two people of different/opposing backgrounds together in a desperate situation where they have to depend on each other to survive is such a straightforward trope, and it's so easy to make it work. Star Trek's done it at least half a dozen times over the years, and it's usually worked out just fine.
I know I shouldn't be surprised but....

Ruby said...

So basically, poor innocent Ryan has become the Hattie Durham of the Kids series--the one who always gets captured so his rescuers can whine about how difficult he makes their lives and how heroic they are to go after him.

after the snow said...

"Darrion"? What the hell kind of name is that? It's like carrion!

Ruby said...

@after the snow--It's a Jenkins name--the first thing you have to do is check forr anagrams and Biblical references. If those don’t apply, it may be a "foreign" name, like Chang Wong or Demetrius Demeter.

In this case, it may just be Jenkins' idea of what a rich family would name a kid. ;)