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Christian Writers=Best Creators of Ho Yay around

Happy Saturday everybody!

Our next chapter begins with Kasim and Nada finally being reunited with their parents. It's really quite dull and I despair of finding anything snarkable about it. Again, the writing in the kids version, while more competent (I wouldn't call it good), leaves you with a dearth of snarkable material.

Meanwhile, at the schoolhouse, apparently the YTF have received all sorts of requests from other RTCs to come visit them. Frankly, given that many of the people they visit, wind up arrested, I'm not so certain they should be so keyed up to have them visit, but what do I know?

Vicki utters this prayer, which sums up Ellanjay's view of RTCianity as a knowledge to be bestowed upon a chosen few.

“And, Lord, we ask you to prepare some people right now, the people you want us to meet. Show us which ones we can trust, which ones want to hear the message, and which ones just aren’t ready.”

But while out, they find other heathens to bring to the schoolhouse. Currently only one is given a name, Connie, which means that the others will probably be treated as an undistinguishable mass; if that's not the case, they'd probably be given names.

Next chapter, Vicki and the others at the schoolhouse are actually showing Christian fellowship by taking care of the unbelievers. Granted they're only doing this so they can unload more "product" on them, which costs them a few Brownie points, but like I said, I wanna throw a parade every time the characters show human decency.

They talk with Z, aka another character you've forgotten about, about using the schoolhouse as a training ground for unbelievers, then they make plans to visit other places in order to witness, though again, someone wanna tell me the point of all this preaching to the choir? They're already believers and they already know about all the horrible shit that Zod's going to bring them, what's the point?

Meanwhile, Sam's been having dreams in which his father forces him to reveal the hiding place of Token Jew. He admits that he had made contact with the hospital his father's staying at, which leads to an argument among the Young Tribbles. Lionel joins in the argument and once again, tell me it isn't dripping with Ho Yay.

Sam nodded and Lionel asked to speak with Judd privately. When they were alone, Lionel said, “You can’t bring him back here and expect him not to wonder about his own flesh and blood. You’d do the same thing if it were your dad.”
“Don’t lecture me,” Judd said sternly.
“I’m not lecturing,” Lionel said. “I’ve been telling you we need to take Sam to the States, but you won’t listen. You’re too . . .”
“Too what?” Judd said.
“You don’t seem with us anymore,” Lionel said. “You’re more concerned with your love life—”
“That’s it,” Judd said. “I don’t have to take this.”
“Maybe I’m wrong,” Lionel said. “Finding Kasim was a good thing, but it just feels like we’ve lost you as leader of the Young Trib Force.”

My earlier statements about Lionel's objections to Nada revolving around not wanting competition for Judd's hand, seems more and more accurate. Ah, Christian Fiction...somehow it's the creators of some of the best unintentional Ho Yay around.

Also, I could point out that isolating a member from loved ones is probably one of the warning signs of a cult rather than pure Christian Love.

Judd says that they currently can't get back to the states and Lionel asks if he'd come if they could, but Judd answers, "I don't know."

At the schoolhouse, all that happens is another conversion scene complete with The Prayer. Given that I've already snarked what feels like a million of those scenes already, I'm going to pass.

I thought about supplying a third chapter, but the chapter after this is hella long with what looks like ripe fodder, so I'm afraid I'll just have to give you an abbreviated snark for the week. Have fun.

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Firedrake said...

I certainly note that Lionel's objections are curiously nonspecific; he never actually specifies exactly what it is that's gone wrong.

Of course it's not a cult if you have the truth. How do you know you have the truth? Well, it feels like the truth, and anyone outside our lot who claims that feeling is obviously a liar.