Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wake Me Up When Stuff Happens

Another three-part snark...Wooo [/sarcastic cheer]

Okay not much really happens. Brave Sir Judd bravely hides in the Stahley's hideout and Shelly, Darrion, and Mark eventually show up. Don't remember who Mark is? Look at previous posts. I'm too lazy to type about a character Jenkins keeps forgetting about.

Meanwhile, Vicki is on trial and is offended that Mr. Stein keeps trying to save her life by presenting her as insane. His logic is that if she's declared insane, she'll just be sent to a reeducation center, which judging by what we've seen thus far, isn't too bad. It's better than being taken out back and shot, plus last time you were there, the worst thing that happened to you was that getting shivved. Anyone else wishing they could teleport Ellanjay into a Soviet Gulag or a Chinese Laogai so they can get some ideas as to what real suffering is like?

Lionel meanwhile, is plotting to spirit her out, currently making him the most active character.

The seeds for Mr. Stein's sadly inevitable conversion are planted as he goes to Token Jew's website (Vicki gave him the URL) and reads his message which is a standard Jesus-died-for-your-sins spiel that I won't bother snarking, except to note that even though Mr. Stein is an American Jew living in one of the most Christian nations on earth, he apparently hasn't heard of the novel idea that Jesus died for his sins.

Well I'll make this quick. Lionel comes up with a way to get Vicki out of the camp, which works, and Darrion comes to try to rescue Vicki and gets captured.

Okay so I lied: I'm throwing in another chapter because nothing happens in this fucking series. Sorry for the profanity, but I'm so bored and you're probably bored so you probably appreciated it.

Anyway, Lionel and Vicki escape and make it back to the hideout. Oh and Vicki talks back to Judd. I would have added a lot more profanity to the conversation, but it's nice to see Judd occasionally called on his manly leader bullshit. What happens is he's like why did Darrion do something so stupid and she responds essentially "At least she did something besides hide like a scared rabbit like you" and Judd gets pissed. This conversation doesn't last long enough nor does it have enough vitriol but it's still pretty sweet and about the only interesting part of this chapter.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stein is locked up and is starting to wonder about whether Chaya was right and I scream for him to resist, though I know it's doomed to happen anyway. Basically he has a short conversation about this with Conrad, and there's not really much to say except that he does note that God's the one causing massive amounts of suffering and death. Conrad points out that he's doing all this in order to get our attention and I can't help but think of a thousand easier ways of getting peoples' attention that don't involve killing two-thirds of the population.

Anyway, the chapter ends with Lionel realizing his radio has a tracking device: thus he led the GC right to their hideout. This should be fun.


Ruby said...

"the chapter ends with Lionel realizing his radio has a tracking device: thus he led the GC right to their hideout"

I wish Ryan was there to laugh in Lionel's face. It's only fair.

Apocalypse Review said...

Huh! More Judd and Vicki conflict! I meant to say last week that this teenage couple could have turned themselves into proper fighters and been in more dangerous situations had the novels been written differently.

As for Lionel? Jesus. Is he stupid? Any double agent has to assume that he or she might be watched and take at least some basic precautions. :\

Apocalypse Review said...

Also? Vicki won't be in any real danger, I'm sure of it. Somehow the evil GC judge will just forget to order the death penalty for spies, or whatever it is they do.

The lawyer trying to qualify her as legally incapable of mens rea could, in a much better novel series, be like, this secret double agent-y dude who then helps Vicki escape the institution where she's confined, and she can rejoin Judd et al on the outside.


Firedrake said...

This is starting to feel like the padding episodes (usually about numbers 3-10 out of the 12) from a classic Saturday morning serial - getting captured, getting rescued, a villainous plot, a cliffhanger... only without the cliffhanger.

Why doesn't LB!God try a big banner in the sky? Say, move the Northern Lights to read REPENT NOW, LAHAYE HAS IT RIGHT.