Saturday, June 8, 2013

There's a Light

Oh and I know y'all are pretty sick of me going on about Z-Van, but I found yet another RTC comic with which to model him after or in other words, as far as I'm concerned, Z-Van looks totally like Madonna Dahmer.

But anyway, the American YTF are worried because now they know that Marjorie spilled the beans about everything, probably even the secret handshakes, which wouldn't have happened if they'd abandoned her when she was unconscious like I suggested, but they're still working on plans to hack the next broadcast rationalizing it as,

Vicki nodded. “The reports from around the country and a couple of sites overseas tell us we’ve had incredible results. The truth is changing these pro-Carpathia kids. We estimate there were one to two hundred decisions made at each site.”

“That means there are thousands who are now believers,” Charlie said.

Uh, yeah, am I the only one who wonders if all these decisions mean about as much as all those revivals Fred's always talking about where the preacher calls and calls until everyone's at the altar that way he can say that his church caused X number of decisions for Christ? I am seriously skeptical of the success of Vicki's outreach.

They talk some more about how this is going to get Carl in serious trouble and whether it's worth it (they decide it is), when the baby starts fussing.

Lenore picked him up, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’d like to say something.” She handed Tolan to Shelly. “You kids saved my life. Literally. And you saved my son’s life. But that’s not the best thing you did for me. You gave me a reason to go on. You showed me how I could know God. For that, I’ll be forever thankful.
“I knew this day would come. I didn’t want it to, but I figured eventually the GC would find this place and you’d have to run. My house is not big, but I’m willing to open it up to any of you who want to stay with me.”

Uh, Lenore, what about your husband? Y'know your loving husband who froze to death when he went out during God's Big Freeze to get food for you and your son. A few thoughts for him? Especially now that he's no longer frozen but burning in hell for eternity without end! :mad:

I know I keep saying these things over and over again, but damn do they bear repeating.

Lenore then leaves, taking Tolan with her, and we cut to Israel.

Basically all that happens is someone mentions Chaim. Apparently his speech sounds slurred, not sure why, and they of course still wish with all their hearts that he stop being all inscrutable and Jewish and become a good RTC before he gets tossed into the fires of Hell where he'll burn for all eternity. Okay they don't mention that last part but I felt I had to. It bears repeating.

Janie's keeping watch as they know the GC is looking for them. While doing so, Vicki comes up to talk to her. Janie confesses that she's done a lot of bad stuff and is worried that she'll keep doing bad stuff, which gives us this conversation from Vicki.

Vicki sat back and smiled. “God’s working on you.” “What?” “I know you think I’m some kind of saint, but the truth is, I was pretty messed up myself. I did bad stuff and didn’t care, because it was fun. After I came to know God, I wondered if I’d ever go back.”
“Did you?”
Vicki shook her head. “I’m not perfect, by any stretch. But after I understood how much God loves me, I didn’t want to do any of that. It’s like God opened a door. When I saw what was on the other side, I didn’t need the booze or hooch or anything else to make me happy.”

Booze? Hooch? What kind of teenager talks like that? Maybe these novels are actually set during the twenties. Also once again, apparently there's no such thing as being chemically addicted: if God doesn't miraculously cure you of your alcoholism, you have weak faith, not a chemical dependency.

But it's time for Neal Damosa's speech and apparently he also has Nicky's mind whammy the way he's described. Or maybe he's got Saruman's gift of the gab. :shudders: I feel so dirty comparing Lord of the Rings and Left Behind: the Kids.

“But first, the real reason we are here. We have been talking about your responsibility as citizens of the Global Community. In order to live in peace, you must help us work for peace.” Damosa’s speech slowed. The camera focused on the man’s eyes, and Vicki felt uneasy. He spoke softly, as if he wanted to put his audience into a trance.
“This is getting weird,” Shelly said. “You think he can do what Carpathia did?”
“You mean put people under some kind of spell?” Mark said.
“I wouldn’t put it past him to try,” Vicki said. “How much time?”
“Two minutes,” Conrad said. “We need to start now. Is there any way to call Carl?”

Carl watched Dr. Damosa and sensed a change in the room. People behind him stopped talking. Damosa’s voice was mellow, inviting, and evil.

Vicki comes in over the frequency and starts to explain about Zod using Janie as an example, but Darrion interrupts to say that the GC are coming up the driveway. Dun-Dun-Dun

This would be dramatic if I didn't know that the YTF wears titanium steel plot armor and that the GC weren't more incompetent than the Keystone Kops. Using my incredible powers of Ellanjay plot deduction, I predict nothing will happen.

Next chapter, Vicki gives her speech, a standard altar call. Judd watches and is all "Atta girl!" and we find out how much time has passed in the LB-verse: three years, since it says that Vicki is seventeen and she was fourteen at the beginning.

The YTF minus Vicki and Charlie escapes by going down this old Civil War tunnel, but horrors of horrors, they forgot the laptop so now they can't communicate with the other branches of the YTF. Gasp! The apocalypse is more horrible than I imagined! In a rare display of sense, they decide to leave the laptop behind and keep moving rather than embark on some stupid plan to go back for it.

But just as they reach the outside, they realize that Conrad isn't with them. Don't tell me...he probably went back for the laptop.

Meanwhile, Carl is watching all this and reflecting on how he came to Christ (John converted him). He also reflects that he probably doesn't have much longer in his career as a double agent.

Vicki and Charlie struggle but find the tunnel. But as they are escaping, there's a rumble and a GC truck sinks up to its axle. The last section ends with Carl as he and his men search and find the stuff Vicki used to get on the air.


aunursa said...

Nicky is assassinated at precisely 3 1/2 years after the beginning of the Tribulation.

Based on clues in the original series, I have determined that the Rapture takes places on a Monday (evening in the U.S./Tuesday morning in Europe/Asia) in late February. The peace treaty with Israel that signals the beginning of the Tribulation is two weeks later in early March. If it's now three years later, we're again in ~ March, and it corresponds to the early part of Book #6 in the main series. The assassination will happen in September, at the end of Book #6.

Basically all that happens is someone mentions Chaim. Apparently his speech sounds slurred, not sure why


Chaim has secretly turned against Nicky and plans to assassinate him. Chaim's plan involves his pretending to have a stroke so that he can conceal the murder weapon in his motorized wheelchair. This is all explained in Book #7.

aunursa said...

Actually the fake stroke happens late in Book #6. So we may be very close to the climactic scene in which Rayford, Hattie, Chaim, and God-knows-who-else all try to kill the Antichrist at the Global Gala in Jerusalem. And one of them succeeds.

Firedrake said...

Oh, that comic. It's so clear that the kid who Knows It All is reading it straight out of his kid-friendly Hating Guide and hasn't actually thought about it at all.

(Hmm, "Z-Van"? Didn't notice last time, but maybe a reference to Zondervan? Did Tim have a falling-out with them? They still seem to be publishing him...)

I think that RTCs have an oddly split view of God: infinitely powerful, but there are still some things he must do. (Well, Christanity in general has this: the idea of Jesus as a penitential sacrifice makes no sense to a being which established the concept of penitential sacrifice and could dis-establish it just as easily.) So when something good happens, yay God; when something bad happens, either it was inevitable or you didn't pray enough.

A God who could change the mental states of addiction could surely just as easily change the physical states.

aunursa, shouldn't it be on a Sunday in late October, for symmetry? :-)

THE Magpie said...

Regarding the link, Hey. I like the original of that song.

Sick dreams are made of fleas, Moldy breath and schoolyard cheese...,

Really? Maybe next time you can come up with something better? Hotel California, Maybe?*

*I used to go to churches that used this sort of shit, and their favorite song to warn against was H.C. As the guy said, "I got better". Part of the cure was actually listening to Hotel California, rather than the diatribes against it. And apparently there are two songs with that title. Because the song I listened to, by the Eagles, was one of the saddest songs I've ever heard, nothing evil there at all. A person fighting addiction, yes, but nothing that seemed evil to me.