Monday, February 6, 2012

Having a Penis Means You're Always Right

Well the plucky band of Zod's angels save the dog and Vicki decides to go to the school.

Meanwhile the merry band of manly men plus Shelly are crashing at the gas station. Some time during the night Taylor shows up again and he is pissed at Judd. Oh Taylor, how much do I love thee...I want to write hymns of praise to you except I'm terrible at poetry. In the course of the conversation, Judd admits that Pete wasn't in any danger once again cutting into GC's rep as the Big Bad in this series. Hell the Keystone Kops don't bumble this much. Taylor then gives the closest thing to an upraised middle finger as this series will allow (Ellanjay have no issues with killing two-thirds of the population but heaven forbid any of the characters use vulgar gestures or language) and steals Pete's bike.

Judd tells the others about Vicki going to the school and Shelly starts to wonder if they should join her. Judd starts to wonder if he's losing control of the group and wonders if the kids will leave him to follow Vicki. Though Vicki is clearly, at least in the eyes of the male authors, is seen as one of those hysterical females (remember, girls, having a uterus automatically means your opinion must be discounted) clearly her assessment of Judd is right. If Judd was a good leader as opposed to a posturing Alpha male, he would take Vicki's idea into consideration on basis of its merits as opposed to how it'll affect his standing in the great RTC hierarchy. Anyway Lionel, Shelly, and probably Pete vote to go to the school. It's currently up in the air as to whether Judd will follow in hopes of having some authority over the way the school is run or if he, in a fit of pique, will decide to do the lone wolf-alpha male bit so that when things at the school go south (and they will because girls are too weak and womanly to be in charge of aything but the church bake sale) he can swoop in and save the day. Meanwhile Vicki's group makes themselves at home and it turns out the dog has a bullet wound.

Well as you probably guessed, Judd decides not to go. Even if the plot wasn't rigged against Vicki, it wouldn't look good this alpha male if he acknowledged Vicki's idea as a good idea and went to the school. Judd talks about with Pavel how Nicky Himalayas is working around the clock to rebuild the damaged infrastructure which is eeevil because it makes people more dependent on him, which is yet another reason why Zod's plan to convert the heathens by killing them is pretty damn stupid. Pete leaves and Mr. Stein and Judd pass the time answering emails from people wanting to know more about Zod. Amazing how the all-important Internet connection remains intact even after a worldwide quake and a massive ROD should have taken out everything. Whatever Nicky has set up as infrastructure is clearly working. I wonder if RTCs would be able to mobilize and rebuild so quickly.

Judd finds out yet another massive object this one made of rotting wood is going to hit the earth. This is of course is Wormwood which will effectively poison the water supply and kill billions, RTC or not, because it's not like our brave heroes have devoted any time to doing anything besides posturing. Not to mention even if they had, there'll still be all those desperately poor who can't afford to stockpile supplies and will die in droves. But hey Zod hates the poor. Why do you think Jesus told the rich man to put his fortune in some off-shore tax shelter so the eeevil welfare queens won't eat up his fortune?

Anyway Judd makes it to the school just as Wormwood hits, countless die but none of our brave heroes are the least bit concerned. What's more important is Vicki and Judd make up (but with no kissing. They're saving it for marriage) and Judd agrees that Vicki's idea was a good one. I wouldn't hold your breath though; something's going to happen that will prove that Vicki was wrong to challenge Judd's almighty authority and she'll be back to being a good submissive Stepford wife.

At that moment, Melinda and Felicia burst in with guns and that's where book 16 ends. Join us next week when we start with book 17.


Firedrake said...

All I can say on the sociology here is this:

16 books. Wow. One or two things have even happened.

Wormwood's just another asteroid? How boring. Couldn't it be a global biowarfare incident or something?

Apocalypse Review said...

@Firedrake: See, this is what I like about the 1970s-era Plain Truth sponsored apocalypse booklets.

They decided it was gonna be like the War Cranked to Eleven, and intepreted such events as being metaphorical descriptions of the horrifying effects of nuclear and biological weapons.


As for Judd, I give him a small point for acknowledging that Vicki was right, but massive minus points for being such a dumbass about it before.

hidden_urchin said...

Sixteen books? If they'd taken out the filler they could have done it in three.

Of course, then they wouldn't be making all that money.