Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vicki's Got Stripes

So Vicki is let go but she soon discovers she's being followed. She even resorts to hiding in a dumpster to escape from them, but is soon found. Luckily Judd rescues her and it's off to another Trib Force meeting. What are our brave heroes doing? Listening to the radio and here's what it has to say.

"Not a day has passed without some major development with new UN Secretary-General Nicholae Carpathia," the reporter said. "And today was no exception. Cincinnatti Archbishop Peter Cardinal Matthews, who some see as a successor to the vanished pope, announced a new cooperative religion that will incorporate the tenets of all major religions. He calls it the Global Community Faith."

Fred has already gone into great detail about why this is impossible so I won't talk much on the subject except to further state that it is. Sure I mean people will agree on a few basic tenets such as "murder is wrong" but Christians have killed other Christians over issues such as infant baptism, let alone factoring other faiths such as Islam, or Buddhism, or Animism, and on and on.

But the eevil stooges of the Public School system pick up Vicki and haul her away to a social worker and it is decided that Vicki will be placed in a detention center.

I had considered only doing two chapters but so little has happened, I think I'll throw in a third, just to keep my dear readers happy.

Basically in the next chapter, the boys are working on the next edition of the Underground, throwing in some information on the temple as given to them by Buck from Rabbi Marc Feinberg. I've decided not to quote the passage in full because it's the basic information any of us knows about the history of the temple. It's like Buck basically copied from the Encyclopedia Britannica. I will point out one detail: it says the Dome of the Rock is on Mount Moriah. Emphasis mine. That means it's on a mountain that you can't just pick up and move. Too bad Ellanjay copied the information without it ever sinking in.

But meanwhile at the Detention Center, Vicki is getting aquainted with her new life. In addition to having her stuff compensated, the eevil athiest detention center aslo has a chaplain. Most of the kids nod off during the chaplain's sermon, but Vicki is disgusted.

"God is love and love comes from God. He is in each of you and if you want his lght, you must embrace him. I encourage you to search for God in your own way. Become yourself as much as you can, and you will grow ever closer to the divine."

Naturally Vicki is appalled though I don't see really why. The first sentence of the sermon is a basic tenet of most peoples' faith. The rest is a bunch of new-agey crap that wouldn't work in this new world. In a world where all the children have been snatched, they would be demanding answers, not wanting to hold hands and sing kumbayah.

But someone plants joints in Vicki's bible so she's busted and has to spend five days in solitary.

At the end of this chapter, we get the first appearance of Chloe Steele who is worried about her dad taking the job with Carpathia. Apparently he told Carpathia, he was a Christian which is exactly the thing you say to the anti-Christ. And the YTF and TF's collective response is "I hope that doesn't get him in trouble," and the sound you hear is me banging my head against my desk repeatedly.


Firedrake said...

Somehow I expected that the way to get someone into trouble in the New World Order Detention Center would have been to plant a Bible in their weed stash.

Oh, man. These guys really need to watch some WWII movies with the French Resistance in them.

detroitmechworks said...

Heh... yeah, that's what I was wondering... sooo, in Athiestopia, weed is... bad.

Personally, I guess this has to be in the midwest, because out here in California, somebody would do a head count, and realize that almost everybody who voted against legalizing marijuana is GONE...

Hello instant special election Referendum...

Rubyfruit said...

...First and foremost, I would like to say thank you for reading this series so that we don't have to.

Second...I know what the problem is with these books, and with the Left Behind series in general. The plot can only work if the planet Earth was replaced with a planet-sized Idiot Ball. Also Nicky Mountain Range Land sounds like the lamest dictatorship on Earth. Which has been replaced with a giant Idiot Ball.