Monday, October 18, 2010


Quick Post to say I've decided to add a poll. Please vote, I'm genuinely curious as to who y'all think is the biggest asshole in Left Behind: the Kids. Note, I left out Zod because it would be no contest if I left him in.

For those of you who are easily offended by my use of the word "asshole", I believe in using the shortest and most concise word in descriptions of persons and "asshole" the shortest one I can think of.


Ruby said...

Oh, man...

It was a real toss-up between Bruce and Lionel. I was going to give the nod to Bruce, as he is an adult and thus one would assume he has more responsibility to the kids, but that still doesn't trump Lionel wanting to kick poor Ryan out of the house...a house that isn't even his to kick people out of!

Mink said...

I had to go with Lionel. Bruce is just... he's a damp rag. He sounds like he barely stands up. He is a parrot. Lionel on the other hand needs a swift beating.

A thought: This underlines the old adage that there is nothing more zealous than a convert.

Another thought: I am getting an uncomfortable vibe here, and I would like to check with others to see if they are getting it as well. Is LaHaye/Parshall purposely writing Lionel, the only person of color in LB:TK, as a jerk? I mean, the others are jerks, too, but Lionel seems to go out of his way. Am I seeing something that isn't there, or is anyone else getting the same uncomfortable sense that LaHaye is trying to show something unpleasant here?